Highlights of Aetna Whole Health (AWH) in Puget Sound

Posted on May 19, 2015

Beginning this year Total Benefit Solutions began offering an Aetna Whole Health (AWH) plan to the Washington market. While AWH is new to Washington it is not new to Aetna– similar plans have been in place in other states for years.

Our AWH plan is an integrative and collaborative health care offering wherein employers can offer employees a quality health care option which keeps the cost of care down while simultaneously promoting better individual health. Employees can choose from one of four AWH networks including: Pacific Medical Centers, Providence-Swedish Health Alliance, The Polyclinic, and Rainier Health Network.

A few of the incentives and highlights of this plan are:

  • Members control which Network they will enroll on once the employer elects an AWH plan
  • Providers proactively reach out to engage members and make appointments
  • All four networks include Seattle Children’s Hospital
  • Providers are tech savvy
  • Preventable health issues are more easily caught and treated before they become a bigger issue
  • This is not a skinny network; members will also have access to Out of Network benefits and providers who are in Aetna Institutes (Institute of Excellence and Institute of Quality)

If you have any questions or would like to discuss this further then please contact a member of the New Business Team.