Teladoc is Coming to Washington!

Posted on Dec 9, 2015

Teladoc has been available to our Alaska groups with Aetna medical coverage for quite some time, and starting in 2016 it will be available to our Washington Aetna groups as well! Existing Washington groups will gain access to Teladoc at renewal, and it will be available to new groups effective January 1, 2016 and later.

With Teladoc members can connect with board-certified physicians 24/7/365 by phone, or via video on the web or even their mobile app! In addition to round-the-clock availability, it costs only $40 or less (members pay their doctor visit copay, or deductible for a Teladoc consult). Teladoc gives convenient, quality care for common ailments like colds and flus, bronchitis, UTIs, Pink Eye, and more. Because the member can pick when and where to use Teladoc it can save them the hassle of a trip to Urgent Care, and can be used when they can’t reach their usual doctor due to time, weather, or distance.

Want more information? Click here for some FAQs.