Introducing the 2017 WA Small Group Wellness Program

Posted on Dec 8, 2016

Effective January 1, 2017 all of our WA new business and renewing small groups (1-50 lives) will have access to our new wellness platform. How you ask? Well, it’s really quite easy!

1. Within the first 90 days of implementation or renewal date, employees will complete their routine wellness exam and metabolic testing with their Aetna Preferred Provider.

2. Submit their metabolic results from the wellness exam to Aetna (via fax).

3. Employees complete their online Health Assessment via Aetna Navigator.

When employees have completed the 3 Wellness actions (includes online Health Assessment) within the required first 90 day time period, then the employee can earn a $50 gift certificate. When employees complete 2 Wellness actions then the employer will earn premium credits for that employee. The 7.5% premium discount will be applied at the close of the 90 day incentive period.

The Wellness Program is available on all of our 2017 WA Small Group plans, whether it is a single plan offering or multiple plan offerings.